Social Media Audit

In late 2012 we engaged a local marketing firm, Off-Madison + Spin Six, to conduct a social media audit of our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram outposts. To be honest, I wasn’t sure of the quality of what we were going to get back.  Being a bit of a pessimist, I always worry that a consultant will come it read my watch and tell me what time it is.

The results however were incredible. They provided us back with a 63 page document that had an in-depth review of each of our outposts (I learned this new term ‘outpost’ from the process, cool right?) The report also gave numerous suggestions for improvements with some real world spotlights that showed what other leaders were doing. The document ended with a section on ‘content recommendations’ that were very practical and I dare say brilliant. In summary, I think the document was one of the most practical and useful marketing tools I’ve read.

With their permission, I’m posting the results of their audit for you to download/read/share.  While the content of the audit is very specific to our church the suggestions and resources are very relevant to any church trying to better themselves in the area of social media.

If you would like to pursue a similar project with them let me know.  I’d be happy to send you their contact information.

Enjoy the document.  If you find some nuggets you like, or if the document was helpful to you post in the comments below.