iPhone Under the Covers….

I recently read a few different articles that talked about the lesser know facts of the iPhone. Thought I’d pass on two of the things I learned.

More Sensors Than You Could Shake a Stick At

We all know about the GPS and accelerometer… but there’s more sensors hidden in the face of the phone… On the face of the phone there’s an ambient light sensor and a proximity sensor (actually 2 on the 3G and 3GS). See the photo below for their precise locations.

The ambient light sensor is only used with the phone is first unlocked. It measures the light and sets the screen brightness accordingly. Hint… if you want the screen bright for a demo shine a light at the sensor while unlocking.

The proximity sensors are only activated in phone mode. This is used to detect your head. When it’s close it turns off the screen to prevent your ear from pushing buttons and to save battery life.

Like Water Off a Duck’s Back

The screen on the 3GS actually has a special polymer coating that repels oils and dirt… it’s like Rain-X for phones… The official term is ‘oleophobic’… that’ll impress your friends… perhaps more than you having a iPhone…. Want to know more… check out this Gizmodo post.

  • Mason

    There are also other sensors as well. For instance, there is an immersion sensor near the headphone jack that changes color to show that the device has been under water. I have read a few of posts about sweaty pockets causing false alarms. Look at this article:


    I also heard there is another sensor that detects when the iPhone has been dropped, but I can’t confirm this.