How Successful People Think Different

Steve Siebold, author of “How Rich People Think” spent the last 30 years interviewing rich people to find out what separates them from the Average Joe.  Below are four of his 21 findings.  I re-wrote them to be “Successful People” rather than “Rich People” as in the church world ‘success’ doesn’t always lead to ‘riches’.

  1. The average person has a lottery mentality, “How am I going to strike it rich?” The successful person has an action mentality, “How am I going to make this happen?”
  2. The average person longs for ‘the good ‘ol days’.  Successful people long for the future.
  3. Average people set low expectations so they are never disappointed.  Successful people are up for challenges.
  4. Average people play it safe with their resources.  Successful people know when to take a risk.

I have to say of these four the last is the one I have to work on the most.  I’m more low risk when it comes to money and investing.

Note: I haven’t read Steve’s book so don’t read this as a review of the book.  Just heard a commentary on some of his points and they struck me.

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