Covet Your Milliseconds

What is a nanosecond? Or more importantly, why does it matter? Developers spend milliseconds (1000000 nanoseconds) like the government spends money. The cost is slooow software. Speed is a primary feature of the Rock ChMS, we covet each millisecond. This video helps put it all into perspective. Note: Keep in mind when she compares a nanosecond to a microsecond a millisecond is 1000 microseconds.

An example of our dedication to speed is Rock’s differed transaction capability. In any web application there is work that needs to be done, but doesn’t require the user to hang around to wait. We built a transaction queue that can take these transactions and process them after the page has been sent to the user. A quick example… we’re building in basic page analytics into the CMS portion of the app. A way to track how many times a page has been loaded. If we were to write this into the database during the normal lifecycle of a page we could expect it to take 12ms. Adding it to the differed transaction queue only takes .15ms (you will be able to turn off analytics all together if you’d like).