A New Adventure

For the last 13 years I’ve had the opportunity to work for an amazing church, Christ’s Church of the Valley (CCV). Over those years I’ve worked with talented people on some incredible projects. Many of those projects involved developing applications with David Turner.

As of today our most recent development project, the Rock Relationship Management System, is taking us on a new journey. We are stepping out of our roles on staff to become independent consultants in a new venture called Mine Cart Studio. Our first project will be the continued rollout of Rock at CCV through October. After that time we will expand our focus to consult with other churches that require implementation services and custom development.

You can read more about out next steps on the Spark blog. In the meantime, both David and I would highly value your prayers as we make this transition. If there is anything we can do to help you please drop us a line.

In Memory of the Honorable John M Roll

My heart sank last night when I heard that a federal court judge had be shot in killed at the shooting in Tucson. I rushed to the Internet only to find my worries had been confirmed, it was Judge John M Roll, a close friend of our family.

Judge Roll was a great man. I remember with I was a kid he was the first to jump in to volunteer at our school. He and his wife worked side by side with my parents often, even co-chairing the parents association. We setup many an event together. He and his wife also jumped to help Heidi and I when we were looking for a location to hold a couples wedding shower and hosted the event at their house.

I also admired Judge Roll’s work. I heard a lot about it through my mom (who is best friends with his wife). The death threats, to integrity in being an impartial jurist. I often hoped he’d be selected to be on the Supreme Court one day. He was the type of person this country needs.

I believe you can judge a man by his kids. In this Judge Roll exceeds. His three boys were always kind, helpful, and hard workers.

I also remember his kind words. He once told my parents that he looked forward to my wife Heidi’s Christmas letter every year. He commented that it was always so creative and humorous. A small comment, but one I treasured and thought of each Christmas.

Finally, I admire his faith. Judge Roll was a devote Catholic and his relationship with Jesus Christ was evident in each day of his life. It didn’t surprise me in the least to hear that he was visiting Congresswomen Gifford after attending Mass.

The country lost a great man on Janurary 8th, 2011, but his memory will live on. I will be passing on his memory and lessons to my boys.