This Is A First…

This is the first time Feedburner reports readership of 200. I know it’s not much compared to others, but I’m at a handicap as only really smart people (like yourself) are able to comprehend my pontifications rants. But seriously, thanks to all of you who read my thoughts… hopefully one or two of them have helped in some way.


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Tortured Solution

image Mr. President… I hear you’re in need of new forms of torture interrogation techniques.  The old ‘enhanced’ methods I guess were too unnerving.  Well I bring to you today a solution to your problems. 

Have captured terrorists freedom fighters assemble IKEA furniture headed to the United States.  This solution has merit for the following reasons:

  • 100% of combatants would spill their guts after only their first bookcase.
  • The form of interrogation would make all of your friends in Europe very happy (more so than the iPod you gave the Queen).
  • All US citizens would now have the opportunity to get the IKEA furniture pre-assembled. I’m sure you would want to tax this benefit… but I guess it would be worth it.

Mr. President… this idea is yours free for the taking.  You don’t need to make me a part of your cabinet… even though it’s probably better than anything IKEA sells…

That said… I do love my new home office… now that it’s assembled… : )

I Love This Pen… And I Think It Loves Me Too…


OK, this might be the dumbest blog post yet… though you may beg to differ.  But I have to admit my love for the PaperMate Stick Pen Medium.  Why you say…

I love that every time I reach for it it works.

I love that it writes smoothly and evenly.

I love the vivid blue color ink

But most of all I love that it’s soooo cheap I can surround myself with them (we’re talking 60 for $6). 

And I do mean surround myself with them.  I currently have 24 of them in front of me in my home office pen holder cup.  I keep one in every book I read to highlight key thoughts.  I have 3-4 in my laptop bag and many many more on my desk at work. With these pens I have the peace of mind that one is always only a reach away.

I love this pen…. and I think it might love me too… How do I know… because of the two little hearts on each one.

Boldly Going to a Galaxy Far Far Away…

image OK, I admit I haven’t seen Star Trek yet, but one can’t ignore it’s great reviews.  So why is it so much better than previous franchise movies?  Here’s the secret… Star Wars… turns out J.J. Abrams isn’t a huge Trek fan… in fact he openly prefers Star Wars!

Film Junkie reports:

Abrams actually prefers Star Wars to Star Trek! What’s more, they (the writers) actually admit that they set out to bring a Star Wars feel to the Star Trek universe.

Makes sense to me! In fact one of our team’s required interview questions is “Which do you prefer… Star Wars… or Star Trek?”  Turns out that’s a pretty good question.  J.J. Abrams… we don’t have any openings currently, but we could consider you for a future position if you’re interested…

My Legos History

Gizmodo has a cool article on Space Legos… ahh the memories.  I thought I share a few of my favorite sets and the memories they bring back….

I labeled a few I had on intro graphic:


A.  Ahh the Galaxy Explorer… how I loved thee… that is until my brother convinced me I should take you apart… “You can always put it back together”…   That’s when I learned the lesson that once a set get’s taken apart and mixed in with other legos it’s never going back together.  I can’t believe I fell for that.  I think my brother was jealous of it as it whipped his lousy Space Crusier in every conceived battle.

B.  Got the rocket launching set for Christmas one year.  I vividly remember building it in my closet Christmas morning when my dad came in and announced it was time to leave for the drive to Phoenix (grew up in Tucson) to see the UofA take on Pittsburg in the Fiesta Bowl.  I think I must have thrown a fit as I remember him being mad.  I also remember him stepping on a lego as he pulled me from the set.  As a kid I never could understand why adults yelled so loudly from the pain of stepping on a lego.  Now that I’ve added 150 lbs to my body I understand full well.

C. Space Command Center… I loved the fact you were up on short stilts and you came with two rovers.  I always loved the base plates space legos came with with the small hill and crater.  I don’t know why but I still think that’s the coolest!  Not sure why it came with 2 TV antennas… like that’s gonna work.  Guess it was cool for the times…

D. Set 6980… While I had you I despised you… How dare the designers add white to the blue and gray pallet.  I quickly took you apart and mixed you in with other legos (see A above).  You also were terrible at space ship chicken matches.  On impact your many unreinforced hanging out parts fell off.

Ok there’s a quick trip into my sick mind.  Have a space lego story to share?


image I stumbled upon the term ‘nerdbots’ today as I was Googling.  The word refers to works of art are made from found objects from the past.  I have to admit I couldn’t stop looking at these works of art… the creativity is amazing.  Each work is so expressive with a personality each there own.  The one to the left is named Edison (by Mike Rivamonte) and is my personal favorite.

Here’s a Flickr set of pieces from artists Nicholas and Angela Snyder (also checkout they’re cool website, great branding.)

This makes me want to run out to the local junk / antiques store and see what I can come up with…

Below are a few more of Mike’s pieces. 


Pushed Into the Twitter Pool

image Greg Atkinson made a good point in the Church 2.0 conference about managing your digital brand (even if you don’t think you’ll use it).  I took it to heart and registered ‘jonedmiston’ on Twitter (just in case).  While I was on the site I thought I’d follow Cameron as he’d fall out of his chair that I was on Twitter… well he thought it would be funny to Twitter to all his followers that I was now registered.  So I felt like I had to post something… and if I have to post something I guess I’d better get TweetDeck… and if I have TweetDeck I guess I could follow a few people… so I guess the horse is out of the barn…

So far my impression is that I like some of the info I’ve picked up from those I’ve followed.  So far the number is 14… I really can’t imagine how I’d keep up with much more…  As I told Greg I think Twitter really needs a filter system.  That way I could follow one person’s ‘professional’ tweets and another person’s ‘personal’ tweets, etc.

We’ll see how it goes… I guess I deserved the push from Cameron into the Twitter pool after I twittered using his account that he’d just puked all over his desk… pretty funny!

So if you want to follow me I’m ‘jonedmiston’….