No Fear

Perhaps America’s problem is that we have no fear.  The fear of going hungry is irrational here.  99.9% of us have everything we need and most of the things we want.  But perhaps what we fear even less is God.

"The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom…" Psalm 111:10

I read the Psalm above a while ago during daily devotions and it caused me to look deeper into their meanings.  I know the the fear here is not fear like what we’d have for a serial killer or perhaps of great heights, but I wanted to learn more about the fear we should have of God.  Since then I’ve run across several thoughts on the fear of God.

Fear of the Lord is really just a better understanding of who He is.  Mark Batterson writes in  ‘In a Pit With  a Lion on a Snowy Day’, "Our biggest problem can be traced back to an inadequate understanding of who God is.  Our problems seem really big because our God seems really small.  In fact, we reduce God to the size of our biggest problem."  How true is this!  God creator of the universe is so huge we should fear Him.  We should fear Him enough to follow His path (but I don’t as well as I should).  We should fear Him enough to read His words (but I don’t as often as I should).  We should fear Him enough to love His people (but I don’t as much as I should).

But again what does this fear fell like?  I like how the writer of this post put it:

"The fear of the Lord is not like the fear of a caged lion, but that of a free lion, that is in your room protecting your from the jackals."

Mark continues on by saying, "Maybe it’s time to stop putting God in a box the size of your cerebral cortex.  Maybe it’s time to stop creating God in your image and let Him create you in His."